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Gemsy - Industrial Steam Iron

Save R 750.00
R 2,750.00 Regular price R 3,500.00

Jaki Industrial Cutting Machine

Sold Out
R 2,250.00 Regular price R 2,999.00

Gemsy Industrial Servo Motor Only

Sold Out
R 3,999.00 Regular price R 4,499.00

Typical GC6-7 - Industrial Walking Foot Machine

Sold Out
R 9,999.00 Regular price R 10,999.00

Gemsy - Industrial Machine Clutch Motor

Sold Out
R 2,499.00 Regular price R 2,999.00

Gemsy 1202c - Industrial Embroidery Machine

Save R 20,000.00
R 229,999.00 Regular price R 249,999.00

Brother - PR670EC - Embroidery Machine - Commercial

Save R 5,500.00
R 130,000.00 Regular price R 135,500.00
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