Shipping & Delivery

Shipping Policy Updated: 19 July 2023

Category A: Items that are ready to pick - Homeware, Readymade Items. Kitchenware, Domestic Machines, Habby, small quantities of catering items

Category B: Industrial Machines, Large quantity of catering items, bulky items, Items that require a lead time - need to be cut, sewn, counted or ordered from supplier

Category C: Custom Made to Size Blinds & Rails, and Motorised Rails & Curtains with Special Sizes Requests. These Items will only be shipped once the items sizes have been confirmed with the client and sent for manufacturing in some instances assembly. Please note that the Specially ordered items Require a Lead Time that will be communicated with our sales assistants. If the time line does not meet your requirements you are entitled to cancel such orders with managements approval as the item would have been manufactured already. Please advise time lines as soon as the order has been places via email or whatsapp.

Orders with Category A items Placed & Paid for will only be packaged the next Morning, which will be sent out by courier within 48 hours of Payment reflecting in our account.

Orders with Category B items Placed & Paid for will Join The Que for picking & processing the next Morning. Once processed will be sent to the Warehouse for Packaging & Dispatch.

If items have to be ordered, we will notify you of the lead times & keep you updated

Orders Placed & Paid for that contain large , bulky items will require 36 - 48 hours to package and will be couriered out within 96 hours of payment reflecting in our account.

Delivery of your order may vary. Please allow 5-7 Working Days for your Items to reach you from the time the item has been collected by the courier & Not From the Time you have made Payment.

In general Johannesburg deliveries can and in most circumstances be delivered within 2-3 days, however we cannot guarantee this, as we are utilising courier companies to fulfill the packages.

Items such as Rails, Rods and Curtain Accessories in most cases will be drop shipped directly from the manufacturers warehouse. This will add 2-3 days to your delivery time. The items are packaged and prepared for shipping in a much larger facility and this allows these type of items to not be damaged during transport. In the event that special or custom sizes are ordered for rails, rods & or blinds, please add 5-7 working days to the processing of your order.

If special requests have been made for Overnight Shipping & the additional overnight Shipping Charges Have been Paid, these orders will take preference and will endeavor to have this items couriered out on the same day, please note we cannot send out same day delivery / overnight delivery of any item after 10:30 am, as this will not be packaged in time for the collection by courier.

We offer delivery to most parts of South Africa at standard Shipping Rates calculated by the courier services we utilise.

NB: Couriers may request additional fees for hard to reach areas i.e. Farms, outlying towns and townships. These fees will have to be passed onto our clients as we cannot absorb these costs. In this event, please note we too are unaware of these charges and are only informed of this on the last leg of delivery.

Certain outlying areas are only serviced by the couriers on certain days of the week. This can be problematic as this adds to the delivery time if said day has passed. This is also out of our control , and the determining criterea is whether the courier has enough parcels to service the area, or whether the third party they utilise to complete the delivery is available etc..

Shipping charges are subject to change without prior notice as these are determined by the courier themselves.

We will try our level best to meet our clients expectations and have the items you have ordered in a acceptable and reasonable time frame, However, there are many factors that are out of our control and we cannot be held liable for parcels being delivered late or misrouted by the courier.

We will always try to ensure the satisfaction of the client but we must stress that our core business is not Logistics and therefore cannot make any promises or guarantees with regards to delivery times.

Please ensure you place your orders well ahead of time.

We would love to extend this to other countries & are busy negotiating with our couriers regarding international shipping.

Watch this space for further updates.

Happy Shopping !