Sewing Machines Warranty Info

Singer, Gemsy, SG-Gemsy, Jaki, Typical, Brother

The above Sewing Machines carry a Limited Walk-in Factory Flaw Warranty.

Singer - Domestic Machines - 6 Months
Singer - Standard Industrial Machines - 6 Months
Singer - Specialised Industrial Machines - 3 Months

Gemsy/Sg-Gemsy - Standard Industrial Machines - 6 Months
Gemsy/Sg-GemsySpecialised Industrial Machines - 3 Months
Gemsy/Sg-Gemsy - Industrial Embroidery Machines - 3 Months 

Typical/Jaki - Standard Industrial Machines - 6 Months
Typical/Jaki - Specialised Industrial Machines - 3 Months

Brother - Domestic Machines - 1 Year
Brother - Commercial Machines - 1 Year


All machines are sold brand new, sealed and unassembled, unless stated otherwise. We can assist with Training & Assembly at an additional charge.

Sewing machines require regular maintenance & servicing. The intervals at which services are required may vary depending on how many meters / hours the machine is used. We may provide Services at an additional charge.

The Warranty covers any factory flaws that the machines may have. The warranty is valid if the end user finds there is a fault with the machine that is from the factory and is a manufacturing flaw or defect.

The Following Conditions must be met:

  • A copy of the original Invoice - an Electronic Copy will suffice.
  • Machine must be brought back to the store, or couriered back to us & collected after repair. Clients will be liable for courier charges both ways.
  • Please include all original parts, manuals & accessories that were in the box.
  • Box's must be sealed and lose parts secured

All machines must be brought back to our store in Pretoria West, where a technician will have a look at the machine and access the machine. If needed the machines may be sent to the respective agents for diagnostics.

Should the diagnostic report show that the machine was incorrectly assembled or incorrect parts were used than a quote for repairs and parts will be presented to the client. 

Should the diagnostic report sow that there was a factory flaw with the machine, the Technician or the respective agents will repair, test and deliver the machine back to our store in Pretoria West.

Please allow 5-10 working days for all testing & repairs.

If parts have to be ordered to repair the machines this may add additional time to the repair time.

Servicing & Repairs

To book a service or repair, you may contact one of the sales agents, or bring your machine in to the store.

We will provide you with a booking confirmation and will send the machine to the respective agent or our technician will assess the machine.\

One a quote has been generated we will require 50% payment for the services or repairs & balance will have to be paid before collection or dispatch.

Please note the client is liable for all courier charges if any, to have the machine delivered delivered to our store or back to you.

Parts and any additional charges will be included in your final invoice.

We can assist you with services and repairs at your premises at an additional charges for time & travel